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Print Services

I provide archival digital pigment prints for photographers and artists. All printing is done on Epson Signature Worthy and Legacy archival papers using Epson pigment inks. This gives the images archival quality of over 100 years and up to 300 years (Black and White on Legacy Platine). Epson printers and materials have been the choice of fine art professionals for many years as the quality has yet to be matched by others. The choice of papers is yours from the list below and I can make recommendations based on your supplied file. See the descriptions that follow for more information.

Printing Papers

Hot Press Bright features an extremely smooth bright white surface with smooth tonal transitions and a wide color gamut. It has a matte finish and is suitable for most images. A favorite among fine art photographers. This is a default paper for my printing.

Cold Press Natural is a natural white (no optical brighteners) surface with a slight texture that works well for some images where a warmer feel is desired. It is a matte finished paper. This is also a default paper for my printing.

Ultra Premium Luster is described by Epson as the ultimate "every day" photo paper. It closely resembles E surface papers popular with darkroom printers and has a great black density and color gamut. It is suitable for most images, while being an economical choice. Many photographers who are not accustomed to matte papers prefer the look of a Luster print. Under glass all of the paper surfaces essentially disappear.

Legacy Platine is a smooth surface, satin finish cotton fibre paper emulating the look of a traditional silver halide paper. The finish is similar to Luster but with a more refined feel and heavier weight. This is the ultimate fine art paper featuring outstanding black density and color fidelity. A great choice for black and white prints.


Print sizes should be ordered based on the desired longer dimension. Sizes do not have to match a predetermined aspect ratio (i.e. 8x10 or 11x14). The paper size needed for the print will be determined by the dimension of the image that will provide a minimum 1/2 inch border as determined by the printer. This will give you an appropriate border for matting and framing your image. I do not print borderless, but a borderless final result is simply a matter of cutting the paper from a larger sheet size if you so desire. For example a 16x20 print would be priced used 17x22 paper dimensions. Prints on roll papers require a border on the 24 inch dimension of 1/2 inch, so image sizes will be 23.5 x the longer dimension. If you have questions about a desired image size, please request a quote.


Paper Size Luster Hot Press Cold Press Legacy Platine
8x10/9.5x13 25.00 27.00 27.00 32.00
11x14/11x17 27.50 30.00 30.00 32.50
13x19 28.50 32.50 32.50 35.00
17x22 32.50 37.50 37.50 45.00
24x30 50.00 60.00 60.00 70.00
24x36 55.00 65.00 65.00 75.00

Additional copies of the same image, same size, at the same time of the order will be discounted 20% except roll paper prints and special order papers.

Turn Around / Delivery

Turn around time for most orders is 3-5 days maximum. If more time is needed based on the order size or available materials you will be informed as soon as possible.
Delivery is conveniently offered through Adams Art and Frame shop on Fritchey Street in Colonial Park (across from the Colonial Park Shopping Center behind the McDonalds). Other arrangements can be made depending on your location and needs.

Preparing Images for Printing

You are responsible for the content, contrast, density and color of your images. If I detect any issues with a file you send for printing I will contact you with either suggestions or warnings before spending your money. Unless you have a quality monitor and pay attention to calibration I cannot guarantee that a print will match what you see on your monitor. My goal is your satisfaction, and making your images look as good as possible. See this page for helpful hints on image processing.

Prepare your images for printing using the following recommendations:

  • Process your raw file in either ACR or Lightroom and finish in Photoshop if needed.
  • Images can be saved in 8 or 16 bit RGB (jpgs will automatically be 8 bit).
  • Images can be in Prophoto, AdobeRGB or sRGB color spaces.
  • Crop your image as desired with the resolution box blank.
  • Do not resample or resize to the desired print size - use the clear button in the crop tool options to avoid resolution settings.
  • Use the Ratio option to set a specific ratio without resampling.
  • If you exported your image to Photoshop from ACR or Lightroom with a resolution, do not change the resolution before sending the image to me
  • Save your file as a quality 10 or higher jpg.
  • I will also accept tif files and psd files (psd files may also be sent if you need me to analyze issues you may have with the processing).
  • Do not send me raw files (or unprocessed camera jpgs) unless you arrange with me for processing services independent of printing services.
  • Specify a paper choice for your print (Hot Press, Cold Press, Luster or Platine) See descriptions above.
  • Specify the desired print size by stating the desired longer file dimension in inches (do not resize your image)
  • Ask me if you have any questions or concerns about the process.
  • Most images can be sent as an email attachment. In some cases larger files can be sent using Google Drive which is a free service and easy to use.

Why should you not resize or resample your image? Resizing your image in Photoshop will either delete pixels or invent pixels and either process is destructive to image quality. Send your files with the capture pixels intact with the exception of removing unwanted pixels by cropping. This will provide the best quality file for the printing process. The final size will be created in the printing process with the least possible damage to the image quality. The software resizes the image in the best way possible.

What size image do you want? The paper size is not the determining factor. For example, the most popular paper size for printing is 13x19 inches, but the image size can be anything that fits within the margins up to 11.8 x 17.8 inches. You can specify that you would like an image that is 14 inches in the longest dimension which would be possible so long as the shorter dimension does not exceed 11.8 inches based on your crop. Or, you could specify that the shorter dimension be 11 inches and the longer dimension would then be anything up to 17.8 inches. Getting prints with similar image dimensions is simply a matter of specifying how you want the image printed. You do not have to resize the image yourself, only crop to the shape you want.


Copying and Photography Services for artists

Copying - Photographing your painting is $100 up to 30x40 inches. Larger paintings are $125. Unusual product may be quoted.

Photographing Three dimensional materials - Photographing three dimensional material is usually quoted based on the desired background, and the size and number of products to be photographed. A simple single product on plain white or black usually runs between $150 and $200. Complex multi product images are charged at an hourly rate of $150 plus a processing fee of $50 per image