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"Remember, techniques that are visible as techniques are probably too heavily applied." - Brooks Jensen - Lenswork

One on one zoom seminars are available for image reviews, learning Lightroom or Photoshop, or simply basic photography. Now you can create your own seminar. A suggested list of topics follows, but you can design your own list of things to be discussed in a seminar that can be one on one, or any number of participants.

Image reviews are usually one on one in Zoom. They last about an hour. Initially you can discuss your intention with me as to what programs and level of critique you would like to try. Reviews can be done on initial raw capture to enhance your understanding of basic raw processing using Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw. Reviews can also be done on already enhanced Photoshop images to see alternatives to your viewpoint, or to refine your technique. This is discussed in advance. Check your ego at the door and immerse yourself in a discussion on improving how you see, how you process, and how you enhance your images. A popular topic is B&W conversions using a variety of methods to manage the tones in the image.

Contact me with your questions or suggestions using the "Email Bryson" button below and create a review or seminar. Today it is useful to use the Zoom platform as screen sharing makes it possible for you to see the changes as they progress. Club meetings, reviews and judging can be done with Zoom as well, and in person as soon as the world opens up.

Image processing, tone control, and B&W conversions are among the options for learning.

A few suggested subjects:

  In many cases these topics overlap. These are just suggestions and you should email me to discuss what you want to accomplish.

How much does it cost?

Please contact me with your plans or questions and we can discuss the details.
Most of my presentations including judging and image reviews are done at little or no cost to your club depending on the location.

Let me know what you want to learn. I can improve many of your shooting techniques, lighting, raw processing or finishing techniques in as little as a single session. Multiple session seminars can be designed to move you through any process at any speed until you are comfortable with your progress, much like an independent study.

Why study with me? I am a semi retired professional photographer who specialized in architectural photography, corporate annual reports, and other commercial photography. This gave me experience with everything from small products to corporate executive portraiture and earned me a Master of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America. I have been published for over 50 years in magazines, corporate brochures and more recently in collections of fine art photography. I have won awards from Eastman Kodak and Fuji and have been a judge and platform speaker at local, state, regional and national photography seminars and conventions.