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Copyright Information

All text and images on this website are Copyright © 2020 Bryson Leidich. Duplication, publication, or other uses of the content of this website is prohibited without the consent of the owner, Bryson Leidich.

As copyright holders, photographers have the right to control all copying, reproduction, distribution, display and derivative works of their photographs.

Usage rights not sold to or specifically licensed to you or your firm remain with the photographer.

Physical possession of photographic material, such as digital files, DVDs, slides, prints, transparencies, or other material does not grant you the right to reproduce the images without specific permission from the photographer. It is a violation of Federal copyright law to reproduce photographs in any form, including color copying and scanning. Therefore, it is important to arrange licensing for the full scope of usage you require.

Under the 1976 Federal Copyright Act and the Bern International Copyright Agreement, photographs automatically receive copyright protection when they are created, even if a copyright notice is not displayed. Absence of the copyright notice does not relieve the prospective user from the responsibility of obtaining permission from the copyright holder.

Licensing agreements should be in writing. Generally, the photographer's proposal will describe the usage rights granted in addition to outlining the scope of the work and costs. Some photographers specify reproduction rights on their invoices. To protect everyone's interests and prevent misunderstandings, agreements should be signed by all parties involved with the photography. The photographs can be used by those licensed in the agreement. If a number of commissioning clients share in the cost of an assignment be sure each party clearly understands the agreement and the usage rights granted.

If you plan to give the photographs to others who were not involved in the assignment, or if you have received photographs without written permission for their use, remember only the copyright holder can license rights. Copyrights and usage rights cannot be transferred by the client, except with consent of the copyright holder. To avoid misunderstandings, either contact the photographer before passing the photographs along to colleagues, suppliers and publishers or have them contact the photographer directly. Members of the design team, contractors, product manufacturers, clients, tenants, magazine editors and other third parties must arrange for the rights to use the images with the photographer or copyright holder.

All the legal stuff being said, we are very lenient and cooperative in the granting of usage rights, and distribution of materials. We are a creative service and make our living creating images for you to use. We appreciate you including us in your projects and will assist you in any way in making images available to you. This is especially true of display prints. Please give us the opportunity to create top quality images, prints, and other reproductions for you. We are experts in producing quality images for a variety of purposes and will help you in any way we can.

Thank you!